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    Cleaning out my Closet with Poshmark

    One of my New Years resolutions (that I really did intend on keeping) was abiding the one-in, one-out rule for my closet. For every new item I purchased I was going to say goodbye to an old one. Like most beginning of the year resolutions this one was quickly forgotten. My closet has become a bit embarrassing as of late with plenty of items that I no longer wear- and far too many that I purchased and have NEVER worn.  In this blog post I’m talking about cleaning out the clutter with reselling app Poshmark . In the past I have tried a different consignment type service where you send…

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    From Beach to City in Juliet Robot

    Juliet Robot is a relatively new Korean shoe brand that is sure to stop you in your tracks with their unique styles. The designs are feminine with bold colors, and skillfully constructed with high quality materials. The silhouettes range from dainty to exaggerated. I instantly fell in love with the Voluminous Pink shoe from the premier collection. I paired the shoes with a simple White Ruffle Tie Dress to really let the color and oversized bows serve as the outfits focal point. I wore these shoes for a city outing in San Francisco and visited the cutest bakery. I paired them with this striped  Midi Jumpsuit . The shoes were very comfortable…

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    One Top, Multiple Looks

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Possibly the most used piece in my wardrobe at the moment is this colorful button up. This piece has been appearing on my Instagram in a variety of ways for the past month. It’s colorful, light weight and perfect for summer look books. A must have for any wardrobe is a unique print, or unexpectedly colorful button up. A non-basic button up is incredibly versatile, and has the ability to be reused and styled in multiple ways. This top served as the centerpiece for this rainbow look. I really wanted the decal on the shorts to pop without being overpowered, the primary colors in the top really did…

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    Bold skirts +Basic tops = a Winning Combo

    As anyone who follows me on Instagram, in my @soundsdarling account, knows I love mixing prints. Lately for summer I have been relying heavily on a few basic tops paired with bold printed skirts or rompers. All of the looks below that are still available have been linked at the end of this post. I am OBSESSED with this Blondie top. The red-orange text really pulled together with the stripes on the skirt. As you can see from my next photo this skirt has been getting a lot of use. Its fully lined, but is light enough that its comfortable in this July heat. Same skirt, different shirt. There was…

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    Magnus Clothing Co. part 2

        Not only does Magnus Clothing Company  offer a wide selection of novelty collars they also design the most PERFECT novelty shirts and sweatshirts to pair with them. I paired the Fairytale Floral Collar and the T-Rex skull t-shirt together for my look. My style preference is on the feminine side and i really enjoyed the look of a floral collar with a casual t-shirt. Sweatshirt and t-shirt designs range from softer florals, to literary pigs, to Jurassic times DINOSAURS.  They have a very retrolicious vibe to them. Below I have  included a gallery of some of my favorites. The shirt was delivered to me well wrapped and carefully…

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    Color Factory

    The color Factory is a 12,000 square foot visual experience in San francisco. It consists of  15 exhibits and takes a little under an hour. Upon arrival you register with Color factory to receive a photo card to be used at cameras spread throughout the exhibit. My favorite exhibit would have to be the ball pit. In the room there were several camera stations and ice cream samples. As far as snacks go you can expect a French macaroons and charcoal lemonade upon entering the exhibit and an ice cream sample upon departure. Other rooms exhibits include a room that intermittently drips confetti from the ceiling, an all orange arrangement,…

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    Personal style: mixed prints, novelty bags and more.

    When it comes to my personal style I’m inclined to favor a more feminine look with plenty of novelty prints and accessories. Some of my favorite clothing brands include Retrolicious, Bernie Dexter, Free People and pretty much any brand that Modcloth carries including their in house one. As far as accessories Betsey Johnson and Sleepyville critters are my prefered pics. Modcloth in particular is one of my go-to places to places for tops and skirts. They have one of the best collections of unique patterned skirts and tops