Notting Hill Photos Spots

For the Airbnb photoshoot experience that I host in London, Notting Hill is my favorite route to take guests on. The neighborhood is a mix of brightly colored buildings with interesting designs, delicious brunch spots and iconic buildings made popular by Hollywood films. One of the reasons this neighborhood hold a special place in my heart is its ties to romantic comedies Love Actually and the film aptly titled Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts. Listed below are the photo-spot locations that I consider a must when exploring this London neighborhood.


Alice’s on Portobello road is a Notting Hill icon with its bright red storefront and vintage signs. The shop has become popular on Instagram for a good reason. The exterior is stunning and the shop-owners arrange vintage-looking china and other odds and ends out front that enhance the eccentric look of the store. This part of the street will be particularly busy on the weekend and midday- especially if the weather is nice. I recommend showing up 30 minutes after the scheduled opening time to give the owners time to set up their wares out front and to beat the tourists.

Just around the corner from Alices are a row of pastel color-blocked houses on Denbigh Terrace. These pretty pastels make this one of my favorite spots for group shots or couples shoots.

St. Lukes Mews features the house from Love Actually. This quiet street is slightly out of the way from more crowded spots off the Portobello road. A mint green bike is out front that serves as a perfect photo prop. The house owners have embraced their Insta fame and have a lockbox out front for visitors to donate pounds to feed the hungry.

Just across from the pink Love Actually house is its mint green neighbor. With its vintage bikes, cobblestone roads and quant pastel flats, St Lukes Mews might be the prettiest street in London. This is a quiet neighborhood corner and I recommend keeping the residents in mind when shooting here.

Lancaster road features some of the most recognizable colorful houses.


Biscuiteers is an adorable cookie shop where you can pop by to ice your own biscuit- or pick up a tin to-go. Their black and white storefront makes for a pretty photo spot.


Churchill Arms is a flower adorned pub whose namesake originates from Churchill’s grandparents. Several times a year the flower displays are rearranged. The above photo was taken in September when the flowers were at full bloom. Currently the pub has a winter display of Christmas Trees.


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