Splendid Spoon: Plant Based Meal Service

Splendid Spoon is a service I have been using monthly since January. It’s ideal for the time starved individual looking for a healthy plant based meals that are conveniently packaged to grab on the way out the door! Their nutrient rich smoothies and soups are vegan, and arrive in recyclable packaging. The products are shipped frozen in 100% BPA- free plastic.

The mission of Splendid Spoon is simple,

“We’ll help you feel good about food again.”


Personally I’m all about brunch, but realistically I don’t have time Monday- Friday and usually just end up drinking coffee to go in the mornings. For me Splendid Spoon is a healthy option to grab out of my fridge on my way to work thats low in sugar, has protein and is made with whole food- and it tastes great. I have tried their reset plan, pretty much all of their breakfast smoothies and their range of soups!


My favorite plan is their weekday breakfast+Lunch plan,  but sometimes I will add a smoothie to lunch that I make at home for extra protein and fruit!

Their plans are

  • $95 Breakfast & 1-Day Soup Cleanse (5 smoothies + 4 drinkables + 1 bowl)
  • $95 Lunch (5 bowls)+ Breakfast( 5 smoothies)
  • $135 Breakfast & Lunch & Reset (5 smoothies + 5 bowls+1 full day of reset)

If you are interested in trying splendid spoon click here for $50 off your first purchase of a combo plan- coupon will be automatically applied at checkout


The Beet Balsamic Bisque is an all star from their reset package. It can be consumed cold or heated- I prefer cold.


My favorite smoothie is the Carrot Ginger Chia- it has a great consistency and keeps me full all morning long. My favorite soup is their Cauliflower Tikka which I love adding avocado to.


If you love turmeric the Butternut Turmeric reset sip-able is just for you! I really enjoyed this one cold.

Update: Current Favorite Flavors

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