Planted Table- Plant Based Meals Delivered

Where do I start? In all honesty I had such a positive experience with Planted Table and I absolutely LOVED their meals. I know I have been talking about wanting to go plant-based for what seems like forever, but this month I finally took the plunge and am looking forward to sharing with everyone some of my favorite companies and brands. If you’re interested on why I am going plant-based I will have a blog post up next week so please be sure to subscribe!


Before I talk about the different all of the yummy plant-based food that I tried I would like to give you a brief introduction to Planted Table and talk about what really sets them apart from other vegan/plant-based food delivery systems.


Planted table is a meal service started by two sisters who have made it their mission to help others transform their lives through nutrient-dense nourishing food. They are a Bay Area meal service that delivers to San Francisco, Alameda & Contra Costa Counties, plus parts of the North Bay and South Bay.  It is also possible to pick up meal plans in their Oakland Office. They use high quality organic ingredients. One of their defining features is the meals  reusable containers. A huge criticism of prepared meal services is the amount of packaging and trash that is generated, with Planted Table that is not a concern. Meals are shipped in an insulated bag, stored in reusable glass containers. Simply wash containers and place them back in the original bag for pickup after use. No paper or plastic trash is generated!

Another part of the Planted Table experience is a complimentary consultation with their Nutrition Counselor whose focus is to help clients reach their wellness goals. With the New year coming up this is such a great offering to help individuals define and set some new goals!






So what did I try? Each week the planted table menu changes and new offerings are provided. I signed up for the 3 day plan for one person which totals six meals for $110 and then I added two a la carte items to the order that my sister wanted. The cost breakdown was $18.33 per meal. The two additional items I added were the Two Better Than Chipotle Vegan Burritos for $16 at $8 per burrito and the Four Velvety Chocolate Mousse Mini Jars at $18 with a breakdown of $4.5 per serving. Personally I found the jars had at least three servings, they were decadently rich and I couldn’t eat an entire jar in a single sitting.

However one should note that the serving size is suggested. Each meal, besides the caramelized onion soup, lasted me two sittings. The food was delicious and I found myself feeling full at about the halfway point. For reference see the picture below of their amazing and massive burritos.



Planted Table has a variety of other options and meal breakdowns. Their 5 day meal plan for two people totals $235 per week and includes 20 servings for a price breakdown of $11.75 a serving.

My favorite meals were the grilled lemon citrus bowl, the loaded baked potato with tempeh, and the root vegetable tijan with green beans. Chef lauren was amazing! Every item felt like a meal that you would order in a restaurant.


I was truly impressed by the food and sustainability of Planted Table and I LOVED that it was a female-run business started by two sisters. As someone who is terrible at cooking and is determined to switch over to plant-based food, I had a great time trying their menu. It made me realize that plant-based can be even more delicious than my previous (not-so-healthy) dietary lifestyle. I never thought I would say tofu is better than ice-cream, but ERMIGOSH those Chocolate Mousse cups made with silken tofu were seriously the best dessert I have ever tried (my mom and sister were also obsessed). Also, I really appreciate the company philosophy of zero waste. By packaging the meals in reusable glass containers they are doing their part to help with the environment, which is something I wholeheartedly support.

Overall I would definitely use their meal plans again. I have a some really fun vegan collaborations for January that I can’t wait to share with you guys but if I’m being completely honest I NEED more of those Chocolate Mousse cups in my life!


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