Cleaning out my Closet with Poshmark

One of my New Years resolutions (that I really did intend on keeping) was abiding the one-in, one-out rule for my closet. For every new item I purchased I was going to say goodbye to an old one. Like most beginning of the year resolutions this one was quickly forgotten. My closet has become a bit embarrassing as of late with plenty of items that I no longer wear- and far too many that I purchased and have NEVER worn.  In this blog post I’m talking about cleaning out the clutter with reselling app Poshmark .

Cleaning out my closet with Poshmark

In the past I have tried a different consignment type service where you send in items and then are given a payout, but was not very happy with the results. (Long story short they gave me less than $5 for a new with tags, in season, ModCloth dress). 

What I really like about Poshmark is that you get to set your own prices, and be as active as  you want. It’s like a social media site/ reselling site for trendy fashion. Listings are created and then you can share them to your followers who can comment on them, buy them, or share them with their following. You also can make saved love lists of items you are interested in- and are alerted when the seller drops the price or offers a 24 hr flashsale!


Also I love how they offer both you and a friend 5$ in credit when you sign up at registration. Feel free to signup with my referral code SOUNDSDARLING and we both get some $$ to shop.


I’m going to be adding a ton of New with Tag items to my closet as well as gently used items over the next few weeks to declutter. I’m also selling mystery boxes (mostly new with tag/ New without tag items)! Feel free to find me on Poshmark under the @soundsdarling username.

I would love to hear what your Poshmark recommendations are for new sellers or potential buyers! Feel free to drop you tips/ Poshmark closet usernames in the comments below !

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