Freshly: Chef Prepared Meals Delivered

Like many other college students at times I find it difficult to eat healthy food items that can be prepared quickly. Freshly appealed to me because unlike other mail services there is no chopping or food prep required and each meal only takes 3 minutes to microwave.


Freshly meals rotate weekly are delivered in a  refrigerated box that uses ice packs to keep it cool. Options range from fun takes on classics like spaghetti squash pasta+ meatballs and choices like chicken tikki masala and pork al pastor.  All the meals gluten-free and peanut-free. They have four plans  that all include free shipping. Price varies on the number of meals you choose per week.


Out of the meals I ordered the Jamaican-style chicken was my favorites followed closely by the southwest chicken bowl, and Moroccan-style root veggie tangerine. It was nice exploring new meals that I otherwise would not have time to prepare!


I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to save some time in the kitchen without sacrificing taste or quality. To take $20 off your first order feel free to use code nocook639

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