Subscription Box Review: VellaBox

Artisan candles delivered monthly. Yes Please!


Vellabox is a monthly subscription box service that delivers artisan crafted candles to your door. From their website:

“Bliss. The ultimate comfort experience. When you receive your first Vellabox your senses will awaken. We curate a perfect combination of the highest quality candles and handpicked products that complement your candle – Non-toxic, lead free, hand poured, from the best companies in the country. Indulgence delivered to your door every month. From the finest American artisans to you”


Vellabox comes in three different sizes and price points. The Lucerna includes one 4oz candle per month with 25 hours of burn time as well as one surprise gift for $10/month. The Ignis includes one 8oz candle with 50 hours of burn time and one surprise gift for $20/ month . I received the Vivere which included one 8oz+ 4oz Candle with 75 hours of combined burn time and a surprise gift for $30/ month.


The scents of the candles for the October box were perfectly curated, and I loved that my surprise was chocolate! The larger candle was named “Hay Rides” and smelled like apple cider with notes of cinnamon,spiced orange and apple. The second candle was aptly named “Cinder” and smelled of hickory, cloves, and fir. It reminded me of a sweeter scented campfire. Both candles came in a protecting pumpkin-themed cloth satchel.


Hay Rides was my absolute FAVORITE and i will be disappointed once I have burned through it.

Overall I was very happy with what I received for the price-point, and will most likely be sending a few boxes out as gifts this holiday season. I love the element of surprise when it comes to subscription boxes. I’m impressed by Vellabox as a brand and how the candles are all hand pored in small batches and use non-toxic ingredients. If you visit their website you also have the option of buying the candles directly. Feel free to use code SOUNDSDARLING5OFF for $5 off your purchase.


Does anyone have a subscription box service that they can’t live without, or one they want reviewed next? Feel free to drop the name in the comments and I will check them out!

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