Beauty Spotlight: Bayeco

For the last week I have switched up my usual beauty routine and added in two products from Bayeco’s innovative green tea range.  Bayeco operates with the mission to, “help women look beautiful from the outside and feel confident on the inside”. That mission statement really resonated with me. My skin is one of my biggest insecurities and most of the time my solution to breakouts and flareups is to cover it up with more makeup. One of the reasons I have started my beauty spotlight series is to share new products that I am discovering that help fix the problem instead of merely covering it up. Bayeco’s products were perfect for my combination skin.


If you know me from my Instagram then you have probably heard me talk about my skin before. I have sensitive combination skin that is prone to breakouts and bouts of flakiness. Unfortunately, it has a tendency to turn red and flaky when irritated and I find it difficult to find products that don’t dry out my skin too much while still treating my acne. Switching out my usual face wash that contains salicylic acid to Bayeco’s Green Tea Foaming Cleanser (pictured below) helped with my skins sensitivity and I experienced a noticeable change by the end of the week in overall redness. Bayeco’s cleanser is not tested on animals and contains no (parabens, SLS’s Phthalates, mineral oils, Salicylic acids, Vitamin A, or AHAS). After looking at the products ingredients and then  visiting the ingredient  tab on their website, I started looking at the ingredients that I normally include in my beauty routine and was surprised by how many of them contained chemicals that Bayeco excludes.


One of the reasons I believe that Bayeco worked so well with my skin is because they do not use harsh chemicals or irritants in their products and instead their products have powerful antioxidants. The cleanser was formulated with green tea for its antioxidant properties and contained Australian Kakadu Plum which is vitamin C rich.

In addition to changing my cleanser I switched out my usual serum with Green Tea Brightening Cream . I was happy with the consistency of the cream and found it heavier than a serum. I usually switch from a serum to a cream once the weather gets cooler to help with the extra dryness. This cream was hydrating and absorbed into my skin easily. I applied it after cleansing and toning. Like the cleanser it also contained green tea extract and Kakudu Plum- for extra moisturizing properties hyaluronic acid is present. I have used moisturizers with hyaluronic acid before and have enjoyed the effects, I love how Bayeco combines the hyaluronic acid in their brightening cream with other great ingredients including green tea, and vitamin C that helps with photoprotection.

Both of these product have earned a permanent place in my beauty routine. If you guys want to check out Bayeco feel free to use discount code* JAMIE15 for 15% off.

*this code is NOT an affiliate link (AKA I do not make a commission if you use it)

*I received these two products in exchange for an honest review of the brand. I will be repurchasing the facial cleanser as soon as I run out and plan on making it my go to cleanser.

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