Beauty Spotlight: Roses

One of my all time favorite ingredients when it comes to beauty products is rose water. There are so many positive benefits to having rose water and extract in beauty products. Rose is a natural astringent with toning properties, it helps reduce redness, and it has anti-inflammatory abilities. I love applying rosewater to my face after I wash it in the morning to use as a light toner.


Korean skin care brand Commleaf sells three of my favorite products, a rosewater mist, sleeping mask, and rose moisture pads. I started incorporating these products into my daily routine after coming home from Paris to really dry flaky skin. It seems like every time I travel my skin needs some extra TLC. Rose water spray is a regularly used product in my skincare routine and I was excited to try some new products that also incorporated roses.


The Rose Moisture Pad with propolis extract was integrated into my morning routine after cleansing and before sunscreen and foundation. I liked how it was in a convenient pad for that felt really saturated. I noticed that my skins flakiness and redness seemed to be toned down after a few days of use, it also felt super soft!


The Rose Sleeping Mask was my FAVORITE product out of the trio. It smelled amazing going on and I could see and feel results immediately after washing it off (four hours later). This is intended as an overnight mask, but I usually  roll a lot when I sleep and didn’t want to risk it transferring to my pillow.  Its a product that I like using when I know I’m going to be indoors working on projects and will have enough time for it to stay on my face. What I really liked about it was how smooth my skin felt after the first use, I also noticed that some of my newer acne spots seemed less red after rinsing it off.

What are your favorite beauty products?

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