Paris Lookbook

I am so excited to share some amazing brands that I had the chance to wear during my latest trip in Paris. When I started looking around and shopping for Paris I knew that I wanted to bring items that had a classic and feminine feel to them. These three brands exceeded my expectations!

Joanie Clothing has a wide selection of apparel ranging from dresses to trousers. This brand has some stunning prints with a vintage flair. The collar detailing on this Zooey Swan Collar dress was adorable, and FYI its on sale now.  I loved how the colors and prints popped in photos. Sign up for their mailing list to receive 10% off your first order. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up with the latest news on new releases and promotions.

The quality and design of Marie Zelie clothing really sets them apart from other brands. Their apparel combines elegant and feminine looks that are well suited for any occasion ranging from everyday, to special events. The whimsical designs of their dresses are executed with superb quality and style. I loved how the dresses I brought along  had both pockets and a lining. Use code SOUNDSDARLING15 for 15% off your entire purchase until the end of September. For latest releases and news follow them on Instagram.

Shop Apricity was a new brand for me that I highly recommend for travel. I fell in love with their vintage inspired dresses and simply adored the detailing, especially when it came to the backs of the dresses. They have a large collection of timeless pieces in a variety of colors. I found that these dresses in particular were wrinkle resistant and survived the long journey in my suitcase with minimal creasing. To receive 15% off your order sign up for their email list HERE . To stay up to date on their latest releases and sales follow them on Instagram

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