Rosé for the week

I am a huge fan of unicorn hair colors and am always toying with the idea of dying my hair pink or purple. I went to Target to pick up  some wrapping paper and a gift card and ended up leaving with a cart full of nonessentials- the typical result of my shopping experiences there. The most interesting product I couldn’t wait to try was a shower spray that promised to give rose-gold hair that washed out after 2-3 shampoos. I was intrigued.


Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint did not fail to disappoint! This is an in-shower product that you use on damp hair and leave in for 1-2 minutes. I accidently left mine on for 4. It worked amazingly and the fadeout was beautiful. I should note that it is well suited for prelightened/blonde or highlighted hair. My ombré hair is growing out and is dark blond on top, with fairly light ends. As you can see from the next photo, it picked up best on the ends and minimally on the top.


I was very pleased with the results- a haze pink with golden tones. I left this product longer than directed and after the first two shampoos ( using a moisturizing shampoo for color treated hair) it was still pinkish. One final wash using my go-to clarifying shampoo took care of the last of the pink. I use B&B Sunday shampoo after a few days of styling and product use, or if I have used dry shampoo for too many days in a row. Below is the photo of my hair after that final wash.


Back to blond ombrè with no pink. I had so much fun matching my hair color to this strawberry romper (pictured below) that I wore on my lates beach adventure. I will definitely be looking for more temporary hair tints that last a few washes and doing some more reviews. Overall, I was very impressed by how long it lasted and how vibrant the color was for a temporary hue. I will definitely keep my eye on the clock next time I have it on.



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