ModCloth IRL: San Francisco FitShop

ModCloth FitShop Photo: Jamie Atchinson

As many of you already know, I love the ModCloth brand. Their whimsical prints and designs have been a long time favorite of mine so when they opened a FitShop in San Francisco I had to go. For those of you wondering what a FitShop is, I’ve got the scoop. The store features a plethora of their online designs in an inclusive range from XS-4X for you to try on. At the fit shop you try on the apparel and find your fit before purchasing online and having it shipped to you free of charge.

See the Rainbow Photo: ModCloth Instagram

For my ModCloth visit I booked a free hour long ModStylist appointment online, and from my experience I highly recommend you do as well. If you come to the FitShop without an appointment you still have access to everything, but the one-on-one appointment has so many perks. With an appointment you have a reserved dressing room( no waiting in line!) and a stylist assigned to you, who helps with finding pieces and giving some great recommendations. With this appointment I felt like I was shopping with a friend for an hour!

Vintage Photo Jamie Atchinson

The store has a huge variety of ModCloth pieces, but one of my favorite sections was the vintage area. Unlike the other pieces in the FitShop you do not have to wait for shipping. These unique vintage pieces can be taken home the same day. The ones I looked at were in excellent condition and had the cutest prints! I will definitely be back to peruse this section again.

Bridal Photo Jamie Atchinson

Calling all brides to be. Right across from the vintage section is bridal wear. These swoon worthy dresses were all very reasonably priced, and so very gorgeous. I almost tried one on for fun.

My Amazing ModStylist Jacqueline Photo Jamie Atchinson

Upon arrival I was paired with my Stylist Jacqueline. She was seriously the best! When I asked her why she chose to work at ModCloth she talked about how the brand is is championing diversity and working to empower women. Her favorite part about working here is ” working one on one with  lot of different people everyday”. She talked about how the ModCloth dressing room was ” one of the most supportive places with women complimenting each other in a positive environment”. We talked about my style preferences ( I am currently on a quirky print and stripe binge) and the two of us went around browsing the store with her writing down my favorites. She also said that she would pull more styles that she thought I would like.

Dresses Photo Jamie Atchinson

The ModCloth dressing rooms are too cute! Mine was floral themed. There are also cat and Fungi themed ones! I ended up trying on so many dresses. It was really nice being able to see the fabrics and prints in real life. If I needed a different size the amazing ModStylist Jacqueline was right outside.

More clothes to try Photo Jamie Atchinson

When ordering online I usually stick with dresses and skirt- items that I know will fit.  Jacqueline pulled some super cute separate outfits together for me to try on. This was helpful for future online orders as I now have a better sense of sizing.

Accessory Expedition

Another huge perk of the stylist appointments is when looking for the perfect outfit accessory the two of you can explore the lobby together. Also, they are more than happy to take non-dressing room  photos when trying on outfits

Dressing room couch

If you are shopping with  friends the store has this cheerful yellow couch right outside the waiting room. This is the perfect place to try on outfits as a group and get opinions on them. Also this pink background makes for an #INSTA worthy photo.

Say it Louder. Neon Lights and Floral walls Photo from Launch Party

I had a great time visiting the store. The staff were so friendly and incredibly helpful!  I  ended up ordering some dresses that Jaqueline picked for me that I would have never even thought about ordering online. Shopping in real life can be stressful, this was not. The store exudes a positive and inclusive energy. I ordered some super cute outfits courtesy of ModCloth and can’t wait to share them once they arrive. If you guys want to set up your own ModStylist appointment ( which I highly recommend) click here .  Feel free to message me in the comments or on Instagram if you  have any questions!

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Click HERE for youtube haul video showing what items I actually purchased!

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