Disneyland and California Adventure Photo spots

One of my favorite places to visit when in SoCal is Disneyland. The parks are undoubtedly nostalgic with plenty of things for people of all ages to do. Additionally the parks undoubtedly provide the perfect photo backgrounds.
Here are some of my must stop locations!


The Disneyland castle is always my first stop for photos. The earlier you are there the less people you will have to angle out. One of the best shots to limit the amount of people in your photo is sitting on the lip by the side spires. You can use your body to angle out most of the people on the walkway while still getting a good amount of the castle in the background.

MY second favorite stop for photos is in Fantasyland. I LOVE LOVE love the cuteness of the teacups for photos and all of the whimsical Alice in Wonderland  themes attractions.


Honorable mentions: King Arthurs carousal  provides a particularly photoesque backdrop. The flower Micky upon first entering the park is lovely as well. Additionally the Dumbo ride as well as the It’s a Small World ride provide great backdrops.



Cars Land is the BEST spot for pictures in California Adventures Park. Its bright backdrops really make a photo pop. I recommend using the vintage looking mint gas dispensers in front of Flo’s Café to use as a backdrop. The path next to the Radiator Springs Racer is perfect for photos as there are minimal to none people in the background. On your way in be sure not to miss getting a shot next to the Cars Land billboard.

I am going to be sad when they remove A Bug’s Land attraction later this summer. This part of the park is designed to be from the perspective of a bug. The benches  look like popsicle sticks and the fronds tower over you and provide a great place to take a photo of the Guardian’s of the Galaxy- Mission: Breakout ride.


Disney’s Pacific Warf area is a great place to stop for Ice-cream or a bite to eat. Its bright buildings and SF feel serve as excellent photo backdrops.

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