Magnus Clothing Co.





I am so excited to share this new brand with everyone today. Earlier this month I was given an amazing opportunity to get an early preview of one of the MANGNUS CLOTHING COMPANY’S 2018 Sweetheart collection Collars! Collection launches February 1st, so be sure to mark your calendars an purchase yours early- I have a feeling this style will not stay in stock

      If you aren’t familiar with the company – here’s a short blurb. Magnus Clothing Co. is your go to destination for both whimsical and day to day collar choices. Additionally, they also sell other apparel. Their collars are AMAZING and can be worn underneath a plethora of sweatshirts, dresses and other tops. On Instagram, they are the creators of the hashtag  #livecollarfully. From their website, Collars weren’t always “the plan.” Wearable art has always been the plan. I’ve come to find that detachable collars work as wonderful, interchangeable pieces of art to express yourself”.


The mock shirt-collar I received was PERFECT for me. Its scalloped rimmed (which I LOVE) and because of all the different colored flowers it seriously goes with everything. When I paired it whit my oversized yellow Polka dot coat I received so many compliments on it! It is one size fits most and comes with adjustable underarm straps. Its floral romantic vibe makes it perfect for Valentines Day.



img_4410   I am one of those people that loves receiving packages in the mail (who doesn’t), but I was especially excited when I opened theirs. The collar came folded perfectly in a custom poly mailer with a business card and a UNICORN sticker! I loved the attention to detail and care that they provided with packaging.

   The full collection launches February 1st, for sneak peaks check out their Instagram HERE. To shop current Magnus Co. offerings click HERE




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