ModCloth stylish surprise review 2017

Once a quarter Modcloth has their “Stylish Surprise” promotion. They offer several categories that you can choose from ranging from shoes to dresses. Surprise items are offered at a steep discount, but are nonreturnable . I usually participate twice a year and have yet to be dissatisfied. My favorite category is shoes but this year I was too slow in ordering and missed out in that category. Instead opted for three surprise dresses (cost 20$ per dress) and one surprise apparel item (15$).









Stylish surprise 1: I had actually had my eye on this dress a few months earlier and was thrilled to receive it. Dress was originally online for $69.


Stylish Surprise 2: This dress was my least favorite of the bunch because I tend to avoid quarter sleeves and did not like how thin the viscose fabric was. However I loves the floral pattern on it.



Stylish Surprise 3: Kenzie black sequined dress. My first thoughts about this dress was that it would be absolutely perfect for a holiday party. Original retail value $99.


Stylish Surprise 4: This top was a pleasant surprise. I don’t have many “fancier ” lace tops and was happy to get one. The quality seemed great and for 15$ I couldn’t beat the price. Brand was Vero Moda.


Overall I was very happy with what I received. Next time I will definitely have to be faster with the shoes! But for their value I would say it was worth it. Plus there’s always something fun about anticipating a surprise coming in the mail. Shop for Vintage-style clothes at Modcloth!

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